Video Surveillance


Surveillance software that works

We believe powerful software doesn't have to be complicated. That's why Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ video management software gives you control.

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Video Surveillance Cameras

For applications where it is critical to obtain character recognition at typical vehicle speeds, the Avigilon H4 LPC camera is designed to capture vehicle license plates.

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Video Recorders

Exceptional Throughput

All NVR4 models come with optimized high-performance recording technology, a three-year Avigilon warranty with dedicated support, and numerous additional features.

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HD Video Appliances

All-in-one network switch

Our HD Video Appliances come preloaded with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, and house the operating system on a separate solid state drive (SSD) — so you can be up and running.

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AI Appliances

AI Appliance Adds Analytics

When connected to Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, customers can evolve legacy camera systems into powerful AI solutions — with automatic alerts of potentially critical events and the ability to search.

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High-Performance Support

Avigilon Remote Monitoring Workstations are the easiest way to add another monitoring station to existing Avigilon systems, with support for up to four high-resolution monitors.

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Radar Technology

Detect the presence of a person

The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is a small form-factor impulse radar device, with self-learning radar analytics that scans, learns and continuously adapts to the environment.

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Easily transition

The Avigilon video encoder converts a standard analog video feed into a digital stream, enabling you to send the captured digital images over an IP network. You can then view live images.

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USB professional

Our USB joystick keyboard enables you to have easy control of all the functionality of Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ for viewing live footage, managing playback of recorded video.

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